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Positioning Campaign / Town of Vail

About This Project

Vail is a mighty presence in winter, but struggled to center its summer business. We were asked to integrate, for the first time, the Vail summer marketing into the winter brand. So now, in place of powder-rich Back Bowls, we needed to tell the “Like nothing on earth” story in a whole new way. We centered it instead on the eclectic Vail community, a band of extraordinary individuals including world-famous climbers, kayakers, cyclists, musicians, and chefs. People of the world who have chosen to pursue their passions in Vail. Our campaign, “The pursuit of personal passions” featured short, intimate films about these famous residents housed on an interactive website where the navigation allowed visitors to explore their own passions. Across TV, magazine advertising, web, display, and social, the campaign contributed to a 22% increase in lodging tax, 8% increase in lodging, and 7% in website visits. For the first time in its history, Vail mountain was communicated as a single, year-round, brand experience.

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